La Mesa, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

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La Mesa, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

(858) 682-1571


  • Nixie Valerio

    "Jonas has been working on me and my husband's account for about 1.5 months now and we already see a change. 1st compliment is that he was flexible with us to set up an affordable payment plan. 2nd within the time we started he has already deleted 18 accounts and it has boosted my credit score over 40 points. I will do an updated review in about 6 months to see how much more is done."

  • Grace Corredor

    "Jonas is doing a Wonderful job at communicating with my credit repair process I have already seen a difference and can’t wait for my final result! While starting my credit repair process and on the path to becoming a first home buyer! Credit Repair Finest!"

  • Barbara M

    "Highly recommend Credit Repair Finest. In just four months my score increased 200 points. Mr Jonas’ expertise was reflected on my credit report as soon as he started working on it. He is highly responsive and makes sure all my questions are answered in a timely fashion. I’m extremely happy with his services."

  • healthytoddlerscare

    "Jonas did not just send out dispute letters like other companies. He will customize each clients needs with a personalized credit repair plan for maximum results. He will update you, coach you, and answer all of your questions. He communicated directly with all three credit bureaus to make sure changes was made to my credit report, and challenges negative items on all three credit reports. Plus, he sent letters to my lenders to fix any mistakes that was on my credit report. But what I was highly impressed with the following: - He will monitor your credit for you. - He will set you up with identity theft protection. - As well as provide you with the best credit reviewing software so you can also monitor your credit reports. - He offers a 90 day guarantee. - He has excellent customer services. Overall, I would highly recommend Jonas to help repair and maintain good credit! Bridgette M."

  • Britney Johnson

    "If you’re hesitant to reach out to Mr Victor take the leap and do it now. He provided me with lots of great eye opening financial advice, tools to monitor my credit accurately (more accurate than my Experian app), and a full credit analysis report all in one day. He also provided me with an online portal to monitor all the services being done so I’m looking forward to seeing the progress and results over these next few months. Again, take the leap to fix your credit with Mr Victor he is easy to talk to, non judgmental, and not to mention very responsive and will answer any questions you have. This is by far the best customer service I’ve experienced. Quality at it’s finest."

  • Freshwater H20

    "Jonas is the man very detailed and communication is the highest level one could ask for. I recommend anyone to work with this company I am astonished by the level of professionalism that they exercise to help their clients. Thanks Mr. Jonas Victor You & your company have changed my family’s lives ."

  • Realrose

    "I reached out to Mr. Victor at “Credit Repair Finance” in the hopes of getting advice on how to rebuild my credit. His response times was immediate and he surpassed expectations of what I thought I’d learn. Mr. Victor gave me step by step in detail advise on what to do for MY particular credit. He made me feel like I wasn’t just a number or another client and was really attentive to my current situation. He was encouraging and made me feel open to discuss my issues with credit. After applying Mr. Victor advice, my credit first boosted 15 points. After about 3 weeks. By the following month my credit score went up 120 POINTS !!! I was shocked and still am. I know if I keep at this rate I could have EXCELLENT credit in no time! Thanks Mr. Victor!"